Company Profile

TRANS-MEDICA was established in Hamburg in 1978 and is an internationally operating, ISO 9002 certified marketing organization specialized in the distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates and excipients for application in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and veterinarian industries.
Customers around the world rely on our extensive marketing experience and our highly efficient and organized service system. This presents a number of clear advantages, above all the flexible and versatile ability to provide exactly what the customer needs - in a minimum of time. Moreover we are in a position to meet your more specific requirements, such as assisting in arranging custom manufacturing and synthesis as well as outsourcing of complex and sophisticated chemical compounds. Thus, we are regarded as a competent link between manufacturers and enduser customers. It is our policy to offer and supply only high-quality goods from selected and prime producers having GMP-certifications or operating according to GMP-standards and verifiable quality assurance systems. In order to ensure this, we endeavour to arrange plant audits whenever possible. Our company has established a very comprehensive quality assurance system covering its services as well as its management and personnel. This includes also our storage facilities, which are being  organized to fully comply with GMP- and GDP-standards. Being an authorized  distributor of products under the German Narcotics Act, we are entitled to store miscellaneous narcotics and psychotropics in our specially designed depot. Our highly qualified and specialized staff will always be prepared to cooperate with you regarding not only your  specific requirements, including know-how queries, but also regulatory affairs in connection with DMF and CEP certifications and registrations, in order to comply with latest laws and regulations. All this has established our reputation as an efficient and competent supplier of prime quality products.

TRANS-MEDICA is  represented by agencies throughout the world. This enables us to handle inquiries and orders in a market-oriented way. Warehouses in Hamburg  as well as longterm delivery contracts. Exclusive distribution agreements guarantee reliable and prompt supply at attractive prices as well as conditions.
Moreover we are in a position to deliver a range of sophisticated compounds on the basis of custom manufacturing.
We shall be pleased to receive your inquiries at any time. For further information please contact us as mentioned below.